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How can I obtain the difference between two data stored in workspace?

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I experimentally tested a motor and the measured speed and the reference speed were stored in the workspace. My supervisor asked me to obtain the speed error (the difference between the reference and the measured speed). How can I obtain it from the data stored in the workspace?

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Accepted Answer

Star Strider
Star Strider on 30 Nov 2023
If the two variables have the same number of elements, just subtract one from the other.
For example:
speed_error = reference - measured
That will give the error at each element of each vector.
If you want to get a single parameter with respect to the ‘speed_error’ vector, one option is to use the rms function to get the RMS error. To get the mean squared error, simply square the RMS result.
There are other options as well. The sum squared error is simply:
sum_squared_error = sum(speed_error.^2)
saleh shlimet
saleh shlimet on 4 Dec 2023
If the two variables do not have the same number of elements? how to find the error?
Star Strider
Star Strider on 4 Dec 2023
Since they both by definition have to have the same sampling frequencies (so the differences between their respective time data are constant), the only way to calculate the error in that instance is to shorten the longer vector to the length of the shorter vector. Interpolating one ot the length of the other will not be appropriate.

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