[0×1 sym] as result of a solve function application to a system of multiple variables

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Hi everybody, I am trying to solve a system of eight non-linear equations having eight different variables.
I have created the code in the form:
syms x y z a b c d e
eq1= ... == 0; eq2= ... == 0; eq3= ... == 0; eq4= ... == 0; eq5= ... == 0; eq6= ... == 0; eq7= ... == 0; eq8= ... == 0;
but a column vector of eight [0×1 sym] is the result.
What should I check for? Let me specify that giving some constants values to each variable, the equations present real solutions.
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Dyuman Joshi
Dyuman Joshi on 22 Nov 2023
Are you sure that a solution exists?
If yes, I highly doubt that an analytical solution exists for a system of 8 non-linear equations. You will have to try to find numerical solution.
In that case, try to use vpasolve or fsolve (requires Optimzation toolbox)

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