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Matlab App Custom Component Not Behaving as Expected

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Hi everyone,
First attempt at making my own custom component.
It is a 4 way button lineup, with 3 options + blank as the 4th.
I got5 the base functionality down, so that the buttons can be toggled on or off and only 1 can be selectd at one time. I also go it to output this info to a public varibale to be sued by another app.
What I can't get to work is the reverse communcation. As in: from the main app, I want to SET the current button that is pushed and force the component to update as such. Im aware there is an "update" area in the callbacks that is code that is supposed to run when the any part of the component is interracted with, but |I am ending up in a recursive loop.
An example of the functioning is:
  • VC button is pressed
  • Program needs to determine if the button was on or off before
  • Check the status variable
  • Status is [0 0 0], therefore the VC button was unselected.
  • Select it
  • End.
From the main app, I would like to then set the status to [1 0 0] and see the VC button being selected as if the user had interracted with it, like a normal matlab toggle UI would work.
The code is included below and the component is attached.
Personally, I think it is a gap of knowledge on my side rgarding implementaion of callbacks and the use of the Notify function, as stated in matlab documentation, but I really can figure it out. I think it would be helpful if said documentation, regarding the communication between a main app and component, would actually state WHERE these parts of the code should be placed rather than vaguely mentioneing "write this code".
% Events with associated public callbacks
events (HasCallbackProperty, NotifyAccess = private)
properties (Access = private)
OpType string {mustBeText(OpType)}
properties (Access = public)
Status (1,3) double = [0,0,0];
methods (Access = private)
function ResetComp(comp)
comp.vc_OFF.Visible = "on"; comp.vc_OFF.Enable = "on";
comp.rpm_OFF.Visible = "on"; comp.rpm_OFF.Enable = "on";
comp.od_OFF.Visible = "on"; comp.od_OFF.Enable = "on";
comp.vc_ON.Visible = "off"; comp.vc_ON.Enable = "off";
comp.rpm_ON.Visible = "off"; comp.rpm_ON.Enable = "off";
comp.od_ON.Visible = "off"; comp.od_ON.Enable = "off";
function SetComp(comp, event)
status = comp.Status;
event = event.Source.Tag;
switch event
case "VC"
if status(1) == 1 % VC currently on
% comp.vc_OFF.Visible = "on"; comp.vc_ON.Visible = "off"; comp.vc_OFF.Enable = "on"; comp.vc_ON.Enable = "off";
comp.OpType = "";
comp.Status = [0 0 0];
elseif status(1) == 0 % VC currently off
comp.vc_ON.Visible = "on"; comp.vc_ON.Enable = "on";
comp.OpType = "VC";
comp.Status = [1 0 0];
case "RPM"
if status(2) == 1 % RPM currently on
% comp.rpm_OFF.Visible = "on"; comp.rpm_ON.Visible = "off"; comp.rpm_OFF.Enable = "on"; comp.rpm_ON.Enable = "off";
comp.OpType = "";
comp.Status = [0 0 0];
elseif status(2) == 0 % RPM currently off
comp.rpm_ON.Visible = "on"; comp.rpm_ON.Enable = "on";
comp.OpType = "RPM";
comp.Status = [0 1 0];
case "OD"
if status(3) == 1 % OD currently on
% comp.od_OFF.Visible = "on"; comp.od_ON.Visible = "off"; comp.od_OFF.Enable = "on"; comp.od_ON.Enable = "off";
comp.OpType = "";
comp.Status = [0 0 0];
elseif status(2) == 0 % OD currently off
comp.od_ON.Visible = "on"; comp.od_ON.Enable = "on";
comp.OpType = "OD";
comp.Status = [0 0 1];
case ""
comp.vc_OFF.Visible = "on"; comp.vc_ON.Visible = "off"; comp.vc_OFF.Enable = "on"; comp.vc_ON.Enable = "off";
comp.vc_OFF.Visible = "on"; comp.vc_ON.Visible = "off"; comp.vc_OFF.Enable = "on"; comp.vc_ON.Enable = "off";
comp.od_OFF.Visible = "on"; comp.od_ON.Visible = "off"; comp.od_OFF.Enable = "on"; comp.od_ON.Enable = "off";
comp.OpType = "";
comp.Status = [0 0 0];
notify(comp, 'OpTypeSet');
% Callbacks that handle component events
methods (Access = private)
% Image clicked function: vc_ON
function vc_ONImageClicked(comp, event)
SetComp(comp, event)
% Image clicked function: rpm_ON
function rpm_ONImageClicked(comp, event)
SetComp(comp, event)
% Image clicked function: od_ON
function od_ONImageClicked(comp, event)
SetComp(comp, event)
% Image clicked function: vc_OFF
function vc_OFFImageClicked(comp, event)
SetComp(comp, event)
% Image clicked function: rpm_OFF
function rpm_OFFImageClicked(comp, event)
SetComp(comp, event)
% Image clicked function: od_OFF
function od_OFFImageClicked(comp, event)
SetComp(comp, event)
methods (Access = protected)
% Code that executes when the value of a public property is changed
function update(comp)
Dennis Premoli
Dennis Premoli on 23 Oct 2023
Edited: Dennis Premoli on 23 Oct 2023
Apologies Cris, I was going to but I was having issues with the site (a known one to you going by the erro code I was getting :). It's attached now but Im afraid it won't be of much more help than the code i posted above as teh "button" are images I hold in my folder which could not be uploaded as they are SVGs. So the app will look like a bit of a mess.
I think I may have figured out what the issue was, where the SetComp() function was being called everytime a "button" (or image) was being pressed, and then the abse Update() function was executing as well, leading an infinite loop.
I assumed the Update function would not be triggered by an internal function changing the public variables (differentianting between changes to public properties coming from outside the component and those coming from inside) although this does seem to be the case.
That said, I am still very unsure of how/wehre to implement the Notify() section of the code to properly set u the public callback OpTypeSteFcn().
I am afraid I won't be able to uplaod the main app as the code is IP sensitive. That said, the main app should have no effect on the issue.
chrisw23 on 24 Oct 2023
Edited: chrisw23 on 24 Oct 2023
Without goin too deep...
Instanciating your component returns a figure object with full access to all user control app uicontrols, while giving the callers (main app) reference as an argument to your custom control app, gives full access to the main app uicontrols from the custom control.
Hope it helps

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