where can I find RoadRunner default install path?

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Where can I find RoadRunner default install path?

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cui,xingxing on 28 Sep 2023
Edited: cui,xingxing on 28 Sep 2023
The default installed Road-Runner location path is at:
  • Windows, C:\Program Files\RoadRunner <Matlab Release>\bin\win64,For example, C:\Program Files\RoadRunner R2023b\bin\win64
  • Linux(Ubuntu): /usr/local/RoadRunner_<Matlab Release>/bin/glnxa64,For example,/usr/local/RoadRunner_R2023b/bin/glnxa64
<Matlab Release> should be replaced with your own version, e.g. R2023b
To get the version number of your installation, you can get it from the following command:
releaseInfo = matlabRelease;
ans = "R2023b"

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