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Calculating the elevation and azimuth angles of satellites with location information obtained from sp3 ephemeris files

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Hi, I'm trying to calculate elevation and azimuth angles of satellites for a ground GPS receiver. I downloaded the SP3 file for the day '12-01-2015'. The ephemeris files are xs1846, ys1846, zs1846 are attached.
The ground station location is lat_receiver= 37.0;%degree, lon_receiver= 35.34;%degree.
Are SP3 ephemeris files format ECEF? How can I found the elevation and azimuth angles for that station for all 32 GPS satellite? I need to find the satellittes and the times with an elevation greater than 40 degrees?
I write a code but I am not sure if this is true. Can you help me?
clear all;close all;clc;
load xs1846; load ys1846;load zs1846;
lat_receiver= 37.0;%degree
lon_receiver= 35.34;%degree
for j=1:32
for i=1:96
xss=xs(i,j); yss=ys(i,j);zss=zs(i,j);
[geosat_ENU_X,geosat_ENU_Y,geosat_ENU_Z] = ecef2enu(xss,yss,zss,...
elev_receiver(i,j) = rad2deg(asin(geosat_ENU_Z/sqrt(geosat_ENU_X^2+geosat_ENU_Y^2+geosat_ENU_Z^2)));
azi_NtoE_receiver(i,j) = rad2deg(asin(geosat_ENU_X/sqrt(geosat_ENU_X^2+geosat_ENU_Y^2)));

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