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Error previewing video stream from camera

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I have an Alvium G1-1240c camera connected to a POE injector, which is connected to a ethernet-to-USB adater and plugged into the USB port on my computer. I set the video inputs via
vid = videoinput('gige',1,'RGB8')
and get the following output
Summary of Video Input Object Using 'Alvium G1-1240c'.
Acquisition Source(s): input1 is available.
Acquisition Parameters: 'input1' is the current selected source.
10 frames per trigger using the selected source.
'RGB8' video data to be logged upon START.
Grabbing first of every 1 frame(s).
Log data to 'memory' on trigger.
Trigger Parameters: 1 'immediate' trigger(s) on START.
Status: Waiting for START.
0 frames acquired since starting.
0 frames available for GETDATA.
However, when I use the code
I get the following error:
gige: The frame size has changed from 4024x3036 to 50462979x16777730 during the acquisition. Ensure that you are not attempting to perform a sequenced acquisition with a
varying region of interest (ROI).
Any ideas on how I can resolve this? I ran into a similar issue when I tried to use Image Acquisition Explorer.
EDIT: So randomly sometimes instead of the above error I get the following error:
gige: Block/frame 2 is being dropped because a lost packet is unable to be resent. There are several possible causes for packets being lost. See the troubleshooting
information in the "Configuring GigE Vision Devices" section of the Image Acquisition Toolbox documentation.
As far as I can tell absolutely nothing was done differently but I get different errors.
Andrew Ferguson
Andrew Ferguson on 14 Jul 2023
Do you have any thoughts on troubleshooting?
Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 14 Jul 2023
The manufacturer appears to be vitalvisiontechnology but they do not seem to like to admit that the G1-1240C exists. They list G1-1242C and they list G5-1240C . I can see the G1-1240C listed on some reseller sites, but unfortunately they have little information about it.
I see some hints that just maybe it would be possible to use the GenIcam interface; but it is difficult to find information.

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