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How to acces the mask 'Property Editor' when in 'Graphical' mode?

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Hi All
How to reach / were to find the 'Property Editor' when a SubSystem has a mask that is saved from within 'Graphical' mode? When I start adding a mask, then I can see a 'Property Editor' on the right top side of the window (blue rectangle).
However when you have saved the mask from 'Graphical' mode, I cannot find it anymore. Also it is NOT possible to switch back to 'Drawing Commands' mode anymore, once saved.
Is there a way to acces the properties? I need this, as I forgot to set the 'Icon Transparancy' correctly on one of my SubSystem blocks. Thanks for any hint.

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Manas on 5 Jul 2023
Hii Ludo,
You can Right Click on the Subsystem Block you want to edit mask, then click on 'Mask', you will see 'Edit Mask'. You can access the 'Property Editor' from here.
Alternatively, you can select the Subsystem Block you want to edit mask and press 'CTRL + M'. This will open the Mask Editor.
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Ludo Houben
Ludo Houben on 5 Jul 2023
Edited: Ludo Houben on 5 Jul 2023
Hi Manas, thanks for your reply. Unfortunally this only opens the mask editor. I still cannot find the properties for changing the 'Icon Transparacy'.

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