What is the wL block circled in blue called in MATLAB?

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The block diagram has been applied in the droop control system of a virtual synchronous generator circuit.

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Mohamad Nazir
Mohamad Nazir on 6 Apr 2023
Hi, isn't this the velocity multiplied by the inductance? this can be implemented by simply using the product block (https://fr.mathworks.com/help/simulink/slref/product.html) with the speed measurement and the inductance value (constant block) as inputs to the product block.

Darshan Pandit
Darshan Pandit on 6 Apr 2023
What you're trying to compute in the system above is and
f= supply frequency (maybe output of PLL block)
L = d-axis Inductance or q-axis Inductance of synchronous generator
There are many ways to implement this in Simulink. The two simplest ones are using a gain block & using a product block. Below is an example.
Hope it hekps.


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