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nirwana on 31 Mar 2023
Answered: Luca Ferro on 31 Mar 2023
hi...i wrote my function and making it as walking sine, and i'd like to save it as a gif. can anyone help me?
close all
t = linspace(0, 4*pi, 100);
y = sin(t);
hold on
hl1 = plot(t, y);
hl2 = plot(t,0.5*imag(yH));
hl3 = plot(t,y+imag(yH));
hold off
grid on
xlim tight
ylim padded
%hold on
for i=1:700
set(hl1, 'YData', circshift(get(hl1, 'YData'), 1));
set(hl2, 'YData', circshift(get(hl2, 'YData'), 1));
set(hl3, 'YData', circshift(get(hl3, 'YData'), 1));

Answers (1)

Luca Ferro
Luca Ferro on 31 Mar 2023
use this function from file exchange:
I personally use it every now and then and it always work great


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