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Unable to download pretrained deep learning networks.

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I am working with the example scripts shown on the matlab-deeplearning GitHub site. The GitHub link can be found here:
The transfer learning scripts use the following line of code to download the pretrained models.
model = helper.downloadPretrainedEfficientDetD0();
However, I keep on getting the error: Error using websave
Unable to open output file: 'model\' for writing. Common reasons include that the file exists and
does not have write permission or the folder does not have write permissions.
I try the same procedure to download the pre trained YOLOv4 models. I am able to download the YOLOv4-tiny-coco model but not the YOLOv4-coco model.
I am able to download the YOLOX-s model but not the YOLOX-m and YOLOX-l models.
Is there a support package I am possibly missing?
Thank you very much.
Adam Danz
Adam Danz on 28 Mar 2023
I'm not familiar with this repo. Did you follow the installation instructions including unzipping and adding files and directories to path?

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