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MATLABConnector startup on Linux

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Michal on 24 Mar 2023
Edited: Michal on 21 Apr 2023
Last two versios of MATLABConnector for Linux automatically put the app to the startup list, but in Preferereces settings is not possible to turn-off startup during user login option. Why?
Moreover, when I turn-off MATLAB Drive Connector at system Startup Application (see attached snapshot), It always turn-on back at the list when I start MATLABConnector manually by CLI command:
$ MATLABConector start
after manual turn-off by command:
$ MATLABConector stop
The "Startup Aplication" list still shows that MATLAB Drive Connector + Mathworks Service Host will started during to the next user login.
This behavior is not acceptable and moreover it is not mentioned in official documentation.
I do not want to start MATLABConnector automatically after user login!!!
Michal on 27 Mar 2023
Any idea how to turn-off MATLABConnector automatic startup during user login???
Michal on 14 Apr 2023
Any response from TMW staff?

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Answers (1)

Divyanshu on 20 Apr 2023
You can try following steps to stop automatic start-up of MATLAB Drive Connector:
  • Open the startup applications preferences from the system menu or using the command ‘gnome-session-properties’ in the terminal.
  • Look for ‘MATLAB Drive Connector’ in the list and uncheck it.
  • Also, you can try to do it from the preferences settings from within the MATLAB Drive Connector.
  • Open the Drive Connector and then select Preferences and under the general tab unselect the option ‘Start MATLAB Drive Connector at system startup.
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Michal on 20 Apr 2023
Edited: Michal on 21 Apr 2023
@Divyanshu Did you read my question? All your recommendation does not work at all, or they are irrelevant to Linux MATLAB connector!

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