How to expose a Simulink signal as a FMU variable?

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I have a simple model containing several signals like this. What I need is to export this model as a FMU:
  • In this model, I have one InPort and one OutPort block, so they are recofnized as inputs and outpus of the generated FMU.
  • I have two constans, which their input is set to come from Var1 and Var2 variables. So, in the generated FMU, I have Var1 and Var2 as the FMU parameters.
But, I need to export the signal that is the output of the Switch block, as a variable of FMU. How I can do that?
So far, I have tried:
  • Wrting the signal into a "To Workspace" block.
  • Writing the block into a scope.
  • Log the signal.
But with all of these tries, whenever I want to export my model into FMU, I see no variables:
Can anyone help me how I can tell Simulink to expose one signal as a FMU variable?
p.s. The official documenation, is really vagure and cannot help.

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