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R2022b GUI slow and laggy in debug mode -- settings or quick fix?

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We updated to R2022b from R2021a some time ago and I had reason to work in the debugger to diagnose some problems. The system is a remote protected server, and I'm working on through a vncserver connected through a VPN.
The issue is that the while in the debugger, the editor intermittently hang for a few seconds. This doesn't happen with R2021a, or at least not in a detectable (and frustrating) way. Obviously, some latency is to be expected given VPN bottlenecks, but it seems amplified and irregular in R2022b.
Outside of debug mode, everything is A-OK including interaction with graphics so I think it's specific to the editor in debug mode that changed from previous versions.
I'm wondering whether there are settings (e.g. fully disabling the mouseover inspector popups in the editor) that I can change and reduce the latency of the interface.
(To be clear here, there is no lag/hang in the execution. I"m talking about typing, selecting, moving the cursor, etc in the script/function text editor.)

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