Error while compiling YOLOv3

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Doron Joffe
Doron Joffe on 9 Feb 2023
Answered: Nihal Reddy on 11 Apr 2023
I have created a very simple YOLOv3 model. The function in which the network is used is controlled by an app designer app. I want to package everything using the Application Compiler app. I have attached a screenshot of the error I get after trying to compile and I have copied the error message from the log file below.
Is there a support package I need to download?
Log File error message:
mcc -o simpleObjectDetectionApp -W 'WinMain:simpleObjectDetectionApp,version=1.0' -T link:exe -d D:\simpleObjectDetectionApp\for_testing -v 'D:\Projects\Steam Detection\Code\simpleObjectDetectionApp.mlapp' -r 'C:\Program Files\MATLAB\R2022b\toolbox\compiler\packagingResources\default_icon.ico' -Z 'Computer Vision Toolbox Model for YOLO v3 Object Detection' -Z 'Computer Vision Toolbox Automated Visual Inspection Library'
Compiler version: 8.5 (R2022b)
Analyzing file dependencies.
Warning: In "C:\ProgramData\MATLAB\SupportPackages\R2022b\toolbox\vision\supportpackages\yolov3\+matlabshared\+supportpkg\+internal\+sppkglegacy\YOLOv3.m", "matlabshared.supportpkg.internal.sppkglegacy.SupportPackageRegistryPluginBase" are excluded from packaging for the MATLAB Runtime environment according to the MATLAB Compiler license. Either remove the file or function from your code, or use the MATLAB function "isdeployed" to ensure the function is not invoked in the deployed component.
mcc failed.
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Yash Srivastava
Yash Srivastava on 21 Mar 2023
Hi Doron
Can you provide us your model so that we can have a closer and deeper look in the issue which you are facing.

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Answers (1)

Nihal Reddy
Nihal Reddy on 11 Apr 2023
I understand you are getting the "foundation::storage::vfs::Exception" error when using "mcc" command from MATLAB Compiler.
The exception is thrown because the folder being accessed by the code is either protected or does not exist.
The VFS's file provider is using an fl::filesystem::upath_directory_iterator, which throws an exception in these cases.
This exception is poorly handled by VFS and results in the exception.
To prevent this from happening, check the folders being accessed by the program and ensure that
  1. Folders exist
  2. Folders have the correct permissions
There seems to be low level file read/write error, hence restarting MATLAB will likely help in this case.
As far as the warning message is concerned it is related to adding files to the package list and this warning message will not impact the deployment workflow and can be ignored. The warning message is removed from release R2023a onwards.


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