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Busselector error after inserting a new signal

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Pavel on 19 Jan 2023
Commented: Pavel on 23 Jan 2023
I have a problem after I have added a new signal to a buscreator, it no longer finds this signal in the output. (Busselector)
I get the following error message when updating the diagram:
Selected signal 'LongAccel_SendingFault' in the Bus Selector block '/*' cannot be found in the input bus signal. This may also happen if there is an always false variant block feeding '/*'. Change the variant conditions or set the Variant activation time of the variant blocks to 'Update Diagram Analyze All Choices'.
(For info I do not use Variant Models)

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Sai on 23 Jan 2023
Hi Pavel,
I understand that you are not able to extract the signals from Bus Selector as it is throwing an[AR1] error. I can reproduce the issue at my end with the following model
The reasons for the error could be:
  1. Mismatch in the signals
  2. Deletion of the signal which is expected at the Bus Selector as an input
  3. Duplicates in signal labelling
As you can see in the above model, I have added all the required signals and deleted one of the signals. You can see that it throws the same error.
So, once the modifications are done and given to the Bus creator block, the output of the Bus Creator is given to the Bus Selector. Now, double click the Bus Selector block and select the signals you wanted to get from the Bus Selector
Please refer to the below documentation for more information on Bus Creator and Bus Selector blocks
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Pavel on 23 Jan 2023
Hi, thank you, i will try it.
I have now solved this via variant sub-systems, but will try your solution approach on occasion because I would like to know where the error is. After I have replaced my subsystem with a variant system, the error no longer occurs and I can use as many signals as I want.

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