how to sort within the cell array

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MakM on 26 Dec 2022
Answered: dpb on 26 Dec 2022
I have the following code;
[~,~,X] = unique(all(:,2));
all_data= accumarray(X,1:size(all,1),[],@(r){all(r,:)})
all_data = 3×1 cell array
{3×2 cell} {3×2 cell} {2×2 cell}
I want to sort all data cell array according to first digit; for example: if we see the second cell array
ans = 3×2 cell array
{[0]} {'b'} {[1]} {'b'} {[0]} {'b'}
First row is, 0 1 0, I want this to be 0 0 1, how can I sort these cell arrays after accumaarray function?

Accepted Answer

dpb on 26 Dec 2022
>> [~,ix]=sort(cell2mat(tmp(:,1)));
>> tmp=tmp(ix,:)
tmp =
3×2 cell array
{[ 0]} {'b'}
{[ 0]} {'b'}
{[1.00]} {'b'}
to do the one'll probably have to wrap this in an explicit loop over the size of the input cell array; I couldn't see a convenient way to dereference in anonymous function even with my local utility function sortIndex that returns the order permutation vector instead of the sorted values.

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