Problem of .mlx Dropdown?

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도연 원
도연 원 on 13 Dec 2022
Hi, guys. I am here for asking help.
I use .mlx, and found that very attractive, so I use them a lot. Especially with dropdown.
However for certain case, dropdown does not work properly.
For me, when creating the dropdown, I copy(Ctrl+c after clicking column) from data from variable in the workspace. and paste them to drop down list. See below image.
These works well, when data is not spaced like below;
This created 2 queries, this is okay.
However when data is spaced like this;
a(1,:)="abcdefghijkl mnoprstuvwxyz"
this makes 4 queries, when paste to dropdown.
From my guess, dropdown acknowledge the space as a linebreak...?
So anyway, what I need is to create 2 queries with spaced data.
How can I do it? I found that function which name is 'uidropdown'... but it looks like this is for dropdown for 'figure', not the .mlx code.
Thank you very much.

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