Simulink: Set Stop Time from Simulation Input

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Hi Everyone,
I set up a simulation routine where I use sim() to invoke multiple simulations with the help of an array of Simulink.SimulationInput Objects
Part of this is, passing a path as one parameter. On Block calls that path and sets the File Name of a From Workspace block, that is used as input to my system. I originally wanted to use that Path also in the Init Function to load another file from that path, where the length of the input signal is stored, which I need as the StopTime of the simulation.
Unfortunately when accessing the ModelWorkspace I a only able to read the default value of the Path and not the one set by the SimulationInput Object. Is there any way to derive the StopTime from the input signal? Or another way to load the information?

Answers (1)

Dongyue on 16 Dec 2022
You can use the following command to botain the end time of the simulation from MATLAB command window:
get_param('mymodel1', 'StopTime')
You can also use the command below to set parameter:
You can read through the documentation for more details:




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