Executable file appdesigner with Coolprop in python

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Hi all, I have a question. I am a student and i like it to make applications in app designer. For a school project i designed a easy thermodynamic model (Rankine Cycle and Heatpump and more). The values are calculated with coolprop. Everything working fine and great. But the problem is i want to make it a stand alone application. I install on my other computer the python version (Anaconda) The application runs but i see NO values. When i delete Anaconda the application didn't run. Can some one help me to activate the coolprop in python 3.9 for a stand alone application. In the code i already use [v,e] = pyversion; system([e,' -m pip install --user -U CoolProp']) but it didn't work. Can some one help me?

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Vijay on 17 Nov 2022
Edited: Vijay on 17 Nov 2022
If you can share the code, then it would be easier to point out the issue.
You can try to isolate the issue.
Problem can be one among the following
  1. your code.
  2. Interfacing with Matlab is not correct.
You can go to the link below to verify your installation and interfacing.
You can write a small and simple program and try running it to see if there is a problem with your code.
If nothing works you can debug your code step by step.
Hope that helps!
Tazura1998 on 21 Nov 2022
Hi Vijay,
Thanks for you reaction, i already solved it.
Thank a lot!
Tazura1998 on 1 Dec 2022
Hi Vijay,
The program worked well i have a new laptop and install it. But i have the error again maybe you can help? i install anaconda etc and coolprop i can use python with coolprop spyder plugin. But when i run my matlab program for school i got this :(
Kind regards,

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