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How can I code lateral vibration of beam in Matlab?

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The equation of motion for beam subjected to moving load can be represented as EI (∂^4 y(x,t))/(∂x^4 )+m.(∂^2 y(x,t))/(∂x^2 )+c.(∂y(x,t))/∂x=F(x,t) where m is the constant mass per unit length, EI is the flexural rigidity, c the damping of the beam, y(x, t) the displacement of the beam, and F(x, t) is the external force from moving oscillators. I want to write a Matlab code to predict the natural frequency and damping coefficient for different mode.
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yasmeen abdelkareem
yasmeen abdelkareem on 16 Sep 2016
i have the same request too lol , have you found what you're looking for? i want this code too

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