Support Package Installer can't connect to Mathworks - any ideas?

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SupportPackageInstaller gives the following error when trying to install any package:
"Error: The application could not connect to MathWorks. For more information on resolving this issue, see this Support Article"
'Support Article' underlined blue, but not a link.
No proxy, firewall disabled. Windows 7 64bit, Matlab R2015a. Can Activate/Deactivate Matlab through the network, ftp ports 21 and 22 are working as well.
Ede on 9 Mar 2015
Hi Hsin,
I managed to make it work now, but I don't really now why / how. I reinstalled MATLAB, it didn't help. What helped was to have SupportPackageInstaller running then disconnect from my network. Obviously, SupportPackageInstaller was complaining that there is no network. After reconnecting the network, it was still complaining, so I restarted MATLAB. After starting SupportPackageInstaller again, it asked for my MATLAB password and then it worked. So it seems that some auto-login feature is the culprit.
Also, if you have an alternative computer with the same MATLAB version / operating system you can try this:
I hope this may help you.

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Accepted Answer

Greg Drayer
Greg Drayer on 9 Mar 2015
Edited: Greg Drayer on 9 Mar 2015
This is a known issue in release R2015a. Logging out and logging back in should resolve the issue. In order to log out and back in, please follow the following steps:
1) Close the Support Package Installer.
2) On the Home tab of the MATLAB R2015a window, click on "Request Support".
3) On the top right of the dialog window that opens, click on "Log out".
4) Click again on "Request Support" on the Home tab of MATLAB R2015a.
5) Enter your MathWorks Account Log In information and check the box "Keep me logged on".
6) Close the "Request Support" window by clicking "Cancel" at the bottom right.
7) Open the Support Package Installer and re-try to install the Support Package.
Gil Sinai
Gil Sinai on 11 Apr 2019
Try to change your internet connection. I activated hotspot(with my cellphone) and as a result, the installation ran well.

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Pawan SIngh Rana
Pawan SIngh Rana on 2 Jan 2018
This is a Known Issue Please follow the Steps: 1.Control Panel->Internet Options->Connections->LAN Settings 2. Uncheck the "Use automatic configuration script" 3.Now try to install the Package it will automatically take your login credentials. 4.After the installation Please check that box again:-)
Organizatios use some automatic Proxy scripts which will not allow other Proxy to connect.

Foued Theljani
Foued Theljani on 30 Jun 2016
I tried all the suggestions, and the problem still persists, MATLAB (2015a) fails to connect to Knowing that the connection settings are well configured. Any other ideas please? I'm really stuck. I need to install some support packages.

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