Workaround? / Java crashes when a Live Script has too many images to export to HTML

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My data analysis produces many images (+50 figures). Most of the time, these can be rendered directly in the Live Script (Live Editor). However, often I want to distribute these to other people in the form of an HTML file.
When exporting the Live Script from the Live Editor to HTML, if there are this many figures, I'll get an error from Java and I'll have to exit Matlab to recover.
I already know how to save figures as files, which is one possible work around...but
  1. Is this a known issue?
  2. How many figures can the Live Editor handle / render in *.mlx files?
  3. How many figures can the Live Editor handle / render when exporting to *.html?
  4. Can this limit be increased by the user in any way? (I have 64 GB of RAM and plenty of SSD space so that's not the problem)
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Stefan Kefer
Stefan Kefer on 8 Oct 2022
I do run into the same problem. It also happens when I want to export the live script into a PDF / DOCX file.

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Answers (1)

Smit on 13 Oct 2022
I understand that you are having issues with exporting your Live Script to HTML due to large number of figures present in your script. It is a known issue and memory limitations might be the culprit for the error.
As a possible workaround, you can try to adjust Java Heap size by editing your preferences in MATLAB by following the instructions given here.
If needed, you can also regenerate your MATLAB preferences by following the instructions given here.
Clearing MATLAB workspace variables that are not in use could also help, you can do so by executing the following command
clear var1 var2 …
Or you can clear all workspace variables by executing
Hope this resolves your issue.


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