Error with clusterDBS​CAN.discov​erClusters

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I was trying to run the Examples: Display Cluster Hierarchy, but I got an error.
Any idea on how to solve it ?
Here the code:
maxEpsilon = 10
minNumPoints = 6
X = [randn(20,2) + [11.5,11.5]; randn(20,2) + [25,15]; randn(20,2) + [8,20]; 10*rand(10,2) + [20,20]];
which gives me the error:
Unable to resolve the name 'clusterDBSCAN.discoverClusters'.
Error in untitled2 (line 4)

Accepted Answer

the cyclist
the cyclist on 1 Oct 2022
Do you have the Radar Toolbox installed?
Sim on 1 Oct 2022
ah ok, I will try it later, thanks a lot @the cyclist !!!

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