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Can xlsread (Matlab) read pre-named range in Excel by range name?

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I know xlsread can read precise the range you specify, for example A= xlsread(filename,'Sheet1','I1:I2') However, I have lots of numbers to read and it is not practical to specify all the ranges like 'I1:I2'. Instead, in Excel I have defined a range name for 'I1:I2', like below, area1, however, I can't find if Matlab xlsread can read by Excel range name. Can anyone help? Thanks!

Answers (2)

Shrirang on 3 Mar 2015
Hi Yiting, I think Matlab xlsread can read by Excel range name. instead of using only one return arg "A= xlsread(filename,'Sheet1','I1:I2') ", use "[A B C] = xlsread(filename,'Sheet1','I1:I2')" Now your variable B and C will containxls data. I hope this will be helpful to you.
John Wilson
John Wilson on 23 Dec 2016
Hey Yiting,
I'm having the same issue and I'm a little confused by your solution. I think we are chasing the same problem.
Within Excel VBA: I have defined an object as a range and set it to a range of cells Dim Range1 as Range Set Range1 = Range(Cells(2,3),Cells(45,3))
In Matlab I attempt to call this range using xlsread('blahblah.xlsm','Sheet1','Range1')
I dont think I have any comma separated data. Everything in my Excel sheet is dimensioned as a double. (Possibly an issue of Range taking in Doubles instead on integers)
Thank you for figuring it out I was starting to think it was impossible..

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Konstantinos Sofos
Konstantinos Sofos on 4 Mar 2015
Edited: Konstantinos Sofos on 4 Mar 2015
Hi Yiting,
The best and the most efficient solution in such cases is to use another function (Not Matlab standard) which is the myxlsread (attached file) * EDIT *
Inputfile = 'MyFile.xls';
SheetName = 'MySheet';
MyRange1 = 'area1';
[NumericDS1,TextDS1,Excel, ExcelWorkbook] = myxlsread(Inputfile,SheetName,MyRange1 );
MyRange2 = 'A1:C100'; % this is just a dummy choise
NumericDS2= myxlsread(Inputfile,SheetName,MyRange2,Excel, ExcelWorkbook);
This is very fast and open/close the file once.

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