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Fixing Zoom on Matlab

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BA on 19 Sep 2022
Answered: Basil T on 11 May 2023
Does anyone know how to access the zoom setting on Matlab? I'm not sure why but for some reason, my MATLAB is set to 25% zoom. I'd like to adjust it back to 100%
I have had my settings on darkmode for months and the issue of zoom just recently came up so I don't think my darkmode settings are causing it.

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Chunru on 19 Sep 2022
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BA on 19 Sep 2022
Ctrl+ and Ctrl- are both locked. You can see in the second screenshot I sent that the option to zoom in or out is nonexistent.

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Basil T
Basil T on 11 May 2023
In 'view' toolbar there are buttons for 'Zoom in' and 'Zoom out' in zoom subsection. That solved the issue for me.


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