Manual signal scaling in Simulation Data Inspector

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we're using the Simulation Data Inspector to analyze live data that is received from a Speedgoat machine. The signals in the model are not configured with units, but we generally work with SI units.
When plotting a signal in the Simulation Data Inspector, the signals are displayed in SI units, so it is often not very convenient, as for example 80 lpm is displayed as 0.001333, so it's a bit hard to read the plot. Can a scaling factor be manually set for a signal in the Simulation Data Inspector?
I know there is the "Stored Units" and "Display Units", but we don't configure signals with units as it is very cumbersome and we really don't need it. Also, I might want to compare two signals with completely different units to analyze the system behavior, and there I might need a completely custom scaling factor to align those two signals.
Is there such a possibility, to manually set a scaling factor for a signal in the Simulation Data Inspector?

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Sarah Blagdon
Sarah Blagdon on 19 Oct 2022
Hi Marcel,
It sounds like you are looking to manually scale the display of your signal data in the Simulation Data Inspector. In R2022b, there are two properties that you might find helpful: Display Scaling and Display Offset. Display scaling acts as a multiplier. Display Offset allows you to shift the display up or down. Both of these properties affect the appearance of a signal in the Simulation Data Inspector, but don't change the data values.
You can read more about these properties in the reference page for a Simulink.sdi.Signal object. A Simulink.sdi.Signal object contains the data and meta data for a signal in the Simulation Data Inspector.
You can also change these parameters using the Properties pane in the Simulation Data Inspector. For more information about accessing and editing these properties interactively in the Simulation Data Inspector, see the Control Display Scaling and Display Offset section in View Streaming Data in the Simulation Data Inspector.
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Marcel Schoch
Marcel Schoch on 1 Nov 2022
Hi Sarah,
thanks for your answer. That is what I was looking for.
Too bad it is not yet available for R2021b, but good to hear that it has been added in the latest release.

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