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How to read dynamic range with xlsread function?

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I want to read an excel file through xlsread function of MATLAB, but I want to keep my range dynamic. it will depend on the value of a variable.
Kindly help me out.
Any suggestion is appreciated.
Thank you.

Accepted Answer

Guillaume on 20 Feb 2015
Just compute the range based on your variables,
startrow = 5; endrow = 100;
startcol = 11; endcol = 35;
data = xlsread('somefile', GetExcelRange(startrow, endrow, startcol, endcol);
function xlsrange = GetExcelRange(startrow, endrow, startcol, endcol)
xlsrange = sprintf('%s%d:%s%d', GetExcelColumn(startcol), startrow, GetExcelColumn(endcol), endrow);
function colstring = GetExcelColumn(colindex)
colstring = dec2base(colindex-1, 26);
digit = colstring < 'A';
colstring(digit) = colstring(digit) + 'A' - '1';
colstring(~digit) = colstring(~digit) + 9;
colstring(end) = colstring(end) + 1;
Russell Grm
Russell Grm on 21 Feb 2019
The simplest approach would be to concatenate your character array with the variable containing your range using a bracket. Here is an example:
YourVariable = 6; % The variable according to which the range of your data is determined
str_1 = 'A';
str_2 = num2str(YourVariable);
Str = strcat(str_1,str_2);
filename = 'filename';
sheet1 = 1;
data = xlsread(filename,sheet1,['1:',Str]);
Hope it helps.
Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 22 Feb 2019
Personally I find using sprintf() to be simpler.

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