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How to hide sheet of excel file with matlab?

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I want to hide some sheets of my excel file through matlab. Kindly help me out.
Any suggestion is appreciated.
Thank you.
Suraj Srivastava
Suraj Srivastava on 19 Feb 2015
Hi Ganesh,
I have multiple sheet in my excel file. I want to hide one or more sheets.
Hope now I am clear to you. Thank you.
Olaf Müller
Olaf Müller on 5 Jun 2018
Hi Suraj,
hope my comment does not come too late ;-). Please try the approach as used for the example below:
Excel = actxserver('Excel.Application'); WB = invoke(Excel.Workbooks,'open', theFileName); WB.Worksheets.Item(1).Visible = 'xlSheetHidden'; WB.Worksheets.Item(1).Visible = 'xlSheetVisible';
Regards Olaf

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