what is the best way of showing legend?

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Ham Man
Ham Man on 17 Aug 2022
Commented: Ham Man on 18 Aug 2022
could anyone tell me what is the best way of showing legend in this example?
plot(x1,y1,'o-r',-x1,y1,'o-r');hold on;
%I tried this way:
% but it does not look good!
I appreciate any help!

Accepted Answer

dpb on 17 Aug 2022
You don't explain what you don't like nor show us what you got and we don't have your data, so we're flying blind here, but I'll guess
hold on;
hL=gobjects(3,1); % preallocate for line handles to come
hL=plot(x1,y1,'o-r',-x1,y1,'o-r'); % first two
hold on;
hL(3)=plot(x2,y2); % and third...
legend(hL([1 3]),'plotx1y1','plotx2y2'); % label the desired ones
plot(x1,y1,'o-r','DisplayName','plotx1y1','Annotation','on'); % first, use legend
hold on;
plot(-x1,y1,'o-r','Annotation','off'); % no legend on second
plot(x2,y2,'DisplayName','plotx2y2','Annotation','on'); % show third
legend % turn the legend on
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Ham Man
Ham Man on 18 Aug 2022
Many thanks, I used the first suggested method and it works fine!

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