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Error in autogenerated code

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I'm writing a MATLAB app in which I have inserted a custom component. However (for some reason) the generated code for this components has gone bezerk resulting in an error in autogenerated code you cannot edit. Deleting said component and also resaving the file has not solved much. Kinda out of ideas here. Is my app corrupted because of 1 line of code I cannot edit?
with a
"parse error at '=' "
relative to the same component.

Accepted Answer

Dennis Premoli
Dennis Premoli on 12 Aug 2022
As it turns out, there was an empty object amrked "app.____" hidden in the UI list on teh left. Once deleted this was fixed. To note is that if you reverse that deletion, teh delete option for teh object is grayed out. In that case, close and reopen app designer.

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Dennis Premoli
Dennis Premoli on 23 Aug 2022
As it turns out, there was a "app.' ' " component present with no name. This borke a lot of things and lead to component duplication. Matworks technical help kindly fixed my file for me.


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