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How can i get the Task Execution Time of a simulink model in Execution Profiling for Real-Time Applications

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I am using the simulink Real-time and i want to know the Task Execution Time of my simulink model in every samples. So i follow the steps of the help as shown in the following figure:
According to the help , I finally get the Estimated Execution Time-line Figure. The figure x-axis represent the time when the task was performed(not the TET). The time is marked with a red arrow as shown in the following figure.
I want to know the all the time. Can you provide me with some methods? Thank you

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Dimitri MANKOV
Dimitri MANKOV on 12 Aug 2022
Hi Liqun,
In the figure you posted, the task execution time (TET) is represented by the length of each green bar. Besides the plot, you should also get a report in the form of a table with the TET statistics, as illustrated in the documentation:
Furthermore, you can use the "TET" block in your model if you'd like to continuously monitor the task execution time from within your real-time application.
I hope this is useful!

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