How do I copy some files to another folder?

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I have a 10x1 string array which represents a list of files that I want to copy to a different folder
file_list =
10x1 string array
for j = 1:size(file_list,1)
copyfile file_list{j,:} destination_folder
I get the error
Error using copyfile
No matching files were found.
I guess the filename cannot be a string, but then what does it need to be?

Accepted Answer

Voss on 11 Aug 2022
for j = 1:size(file_list,1)

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Stephen23 on 11 Aug 2022
Edited: Stephen23 on 11 Aug 2022
"I guess the filename cannot be a string..."
The filenames certainly can be string.
The problem is the you are using command syntax when you should be using function syntax:
% ^ ^ function syntax


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