Issues on dimension setting of FFT plot in MATLAB 2022a.

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Hello everyone,
I have got an issue with the dimension setting, level of x-axis, y-axis, font size, style and “minor and major grid on” of the FFT plot of any signals in the MATLAB 2022a version.
FFT analysis can be obtained as an attached figure file. But there is not any option for editing the plot. How can I fix these issues?

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Nadia Shaik
Nadia Shaik on 9 Jan 2023
Hi Pemendra,
I understand that you want to edit the plots in the FFT Analyzer tool.
Unfortunately, editing the plots in FFT Analyzer is not possible. As a workaround, you need to re-create the plots manually. Refer the below pointers for more information:
  • The following code shows how to reference the App handle and properties. For example, The Y-Axis limits of the plot can be modified once the ‘FFT Analyzer’ app is running with the code shown below:
GUItitle = 'FFT Analyzer';
hFFT = findall(0, 'type', 'figure', 'Name', GUItitle);
hAll = hFFT.RunningAppInstance
hAll.SignalAxes.YLim = [-600 600];
I hope the above information helps.
Pemendra Kumar Pardhi
Pemendra Kumar Pardhi on 12 Jan 2023
Thanks for the counties with this query.
In the contest of my query, I am using FFT analysis for obtaining the total harmonic distortion (THDs) of any signal.
In this simulation model, before the run the model scope's 3 setting was done as follows:
double click to scope3> go into the setting> log data to workspace> variable name as SCope2
For simplicity image is attached here below
After completion of run the model
Click on powergui and follows the following process
double click on powergui > Tools > FFT Analysis
as attached image
After got the FFT analysis (i.e. THD) of the signal as attached image below, there is not an option to change the image, like inner dimension fixed, change the x-axis and y-axis limits of the graph and so on.
However, in the previous version it was exist like as attached image here (inside the green color line)
If any solution for this pls suggested
Pemendra Kumar Pardhi

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