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how to plot 3 different vectors without any relation, in a 3d plot

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Hi everyone,
I want to plot 3 vectors in a same 3D plot; (plot3 and meshgrid-surf are not working for my case).
let's say three vectors are as follows:
X=[1 2 3]
Y=[4 5 6]
Z=[11 22 33]
now Z(1) corresponds to X(1) and Y(1); and so on.
plot3 does not give my desired plot; and meshgrid is not applicable since there is no simple function between Z and X,Y.
for j=0:60
for i=0:60/j
R=[i, j, optmizie(fcn)]; %this one fetchs a lot of other functions so that's why I cannot use meshgrid
I want to have i and j as X and Y axises and R az the Z axis without specifying the relation among them.
Thanks in advance

Accepted Answer

Star Strider
Star Strider on 8 Jul 2022
I am not certain what you want, so my best guess —
X=[1 2 3];
Y=[4 5 6];
Z=[11 22 33];
xv = linspace(min(X), max(X), 5);
yv = linspace(min(Y), max(Y), 5);
[Xm,Ym] = ndgrid(xv, yv);
Zm = griddata(X,Y,Z,Xm,Ym);
Warning: The underlying triangulation is empty - the points may be collinear.
surf(Xm, Ym, Zm)
Error using surf
Data dimensions must agree.
grid on
This is not working with the provided data, however since this may be a ‘proxy problem’, it will likely work with your actual data.
Payam Morsali
Payam Morsali on 8 Jul 2022
Thank you for your reply,
Let me explain a little more:
What I want is a series of dots on a 3D plane (X Y Z axises) like this:
Z should be 11 for X=1 and Y=1,
Z should be 22 for X=2 and Y=2,
Z should be 33 for X=3 and Y=3,
there should be 3 dots on the 3D plane, and, Z is not a function of X and Y;
For example I want to say for the a velocity of X=1 and acceleration of Y=1, the fuel cost function is Z=11.
All the values are known (I have the values of X, Y, and I have already calculated the values of Z for each pair of X and Y).
Star Strider
Star Strider on 8 Jul 2022
If you do not want to plot a surface, this is straightforward —
X=[1 2 3];
Y=[4 5 6];
Z=[11 22 33];
cm = colormap(turbo(numel(Z)));
[~,C] = sort(Z);
stem3(X, Y, Z, 'Marker','none')
hold on
scatter3(X, Y, Z, 75, cm(C,:), 'filled')
plot3(X, Y, Z)
hold off
grid on
zlabel('Fuel Cost Function')
I chose stem3 because it gives a bit more information than scatter3 (although they can be used together) and possibly with plot3 as well. I combined all of them here. My code will adapt to any number of points. Choose the appropriate colormap for your application. (The turbo colormap was introduced in R2020b.)

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