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Extract values from a data table and create a new table

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Hello! I have a data file with multiple data points including date and precipitation values (range from 0.1 inches to 2 inches).
I want to extract all of the precipitation values over 1 inch and store them in a new table with its proper date. Anyone has some tips or ideas on how to do this? I gave up after multiple tries.
Thank you in advance!

Accepted Answer

Chunru on 7 Jul 2022
T = readtable("");
T1 = T(T.PRCP > 1, :)
T1 = 94×4 table
STATION NAME DATE PRCP _______________ _______________________________ __________ ____ {'USC00298127'} {'SANTA TERESA AIRPORT, NM US'} 07/16/0002 1.11 {'USC00298127'} {'SANTA TERESA AIRPORT, NM US'} 07/19/0002 1.04 {'USC00298127'} {'SANTA TERESA AIRPORT, NM US'} 06/27/0004 1.06 {'US1NMDA0092'} {'SANTA TERESA 0.5 SSW, NM US'} 07/28/0006 1.55 {'USC00298127'} {'SANTA TERESA AIRPORT, NM US'} 07/31/0006 1.91 {'USC00298127'} {'SANTA TERESA AIRPORT, NM US'} 08/01/0006 2.03 {'US1NMDA0092'} {'SANTA TERESA 0.5 SSW, NM US'} 08/01/0006 3.06 {'US1NMDA0092'} {'SANTA TERESA 0.5 SSW, NM US'} 08/02/0006 1.15 {'USC00298127'} {'SANTA TERESA AIRPORT, NM US'} 08/16/0006 1.14 {'US1NMDA0092'} {'SANTA TERESA 0.5 SSW, NM US'} 08/19/0006 1.89 {'USC00298127'} {'SANTA TERESA AIRPORT, NM US'} 09/03/0006 1.45 {'US1NMDA0092'} {'SANTA TERESA 0.5 SSW, NM US'} 09/03/0006 1.02 {'USC00298127'} {'SANTA TERESA AIRPORT, NM US'} 09/04/0006 1.16 {'US1NMDA0092'} {'SANTA TERESA 0.5 SSW, NM US'} 09/04/0006 1.28 {'US1NMDA0159'} {'SANTA TERESA 1.0 WNW, NM US'} 08/01/0007 1.38 {'US1NMDA0092'} {'SANTA TERESA 0.5 SSW, NM US'} 08/02/0007 1.56

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dpb on 7 Jul 2022
What did you try? Have you looked at the "Getting Started" section on array indexing/addressing; specifically logical indexing?
PLevel=1; % the magic constant -- don't bury in code, use variables
That's it...


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