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why does the wave player Block in Simulink do this when i loop a sound and how can i fix it?

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i have a Problem, for which i didnt find an explanation, when i play a sound using the From Multimedia File(wave Player) Block in Simulink, the sound cuts when the block repeat it from the beginning(while looping), i tested this with a 10 Amplitudes sine wave to better visualise the problem.
is there any clarification why does the Block do this? and how can i prevent this from happening?
Thanks a lot in advance

Accepted Answer

jibrahim on 29 Jun 2022
Hi ALCA, the From Multimedia File block has a 'Samples per audio channel' parameter. This determines the size of the frame.
If the length of the audio file is not a multiple of this frame size, the block will append zeros to the last read frame, and then we reset and we repeat. You would avoid this by making sure the length of your signal is a multiple of the frame size.

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