How do I limit plotting the values from a row variable say time?

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I want to make a plot with the time for 41665 values only. How do I achieve this?
figure('position',[50 100 1400 400])
shading flat

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KSSV on 27 Jun 2022
Z = peaks(30) ;
x = datetime(2022,01,01):datetime(2022,01,30) ; % datetime class
y = 1:30 ;
shading flat
Tunde Adubi
Tunde Adubi on 28 Jun 2022
The time variable (x-axis) should be 41665x1; The rng is the Y-axis 600 x1(double); zh has no dimension as its a 2D plot, see attached figure. In the attachment, The vertical space on the RHS with an extra hour (00:00 to 01:00) is to be eliminated from time.

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