Opening a sap2000 model

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Daniel on 25 Jun 2022
Commented: Reza on 26 Sep 2023
I am trying to open a sap2000.v21 model in MATLAB. I'm using the SM Toolbox Version 6.0.4 Instructions but it gives me an error in the syntax. I show you the code an the error. I'm sorry for my english.
Any help would be really appreciated.
%clean up the workspace of matlab
%determine the type of application and its version
SM.App( 'sap' );
SM.Ver( '21' );
%create Sap2000 object
APIDLLPath ='C:\Program Files\Computers and Structures\SAP2000 21\SAP2000v1.dll';
ProgramPath ='C:\Program Files\Computers and Structures\SAP2000 21\SAP2000.exe';
[ Sobj ] = SM.Helper.CreateObject( ProgramPath,APIDLLPath );
%create SapModel object
[ Smdl ]=SM.SapModel();
%start Sap2000 application
%initialize model
ret = SM.InitializeNewModel;
%open an existing file
ModelName = 'Example 1-019a.sdb';
ModelPath = fullfile(pwd,'Analysis Examples',ModelName);
ret = SM.File.OpenFile(ModelPath);
%close Sap2000
SM.ApplicationExit (false);
Undefined function 'contains' for input arguments of type 'char'.
Error in SM.Helper.CreateObject (line 8)
Error in Ex_SM_File_OpenFile (line 10)
[ Sobj ] = SM.Helper.CreateObject( ProgramPath,APIDLLPath );
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Reza on 26 Sep 2023
Please download the latest version of SM toolox.

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