how to put many small text boxes that display information about individual data points in the same figure?.

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I am trying to use data cursor in Matlab to identfy many point in the same figure, but the previous point disapper when I identify the next point .
My question is how can I identfy many point in the same figur and preserve them on the final figure?
I appriciate any help

Accepted Answer

dpb on 25 Jun 2022
Programmatically or interactively???
NB: the doc for interactively includes the following:
Display Data Values Using Data Tips
... To display persistent (pinned) data tips, click one or more data points. ... To pin multiple data tips using the data tips button, hold down the Shift key. ...
Programmatically, you (R2019B and later) use the datatip object and create an array of them...
>> hL=plot(randn(10,1));
>> dt=datatip(hL,'DataIndex',3)
dt =
DataTip (X 3, Y 0.282659) with properties:
DataIndex: 3
Location: 'northeast'
Parent: [1×1 Line]
Show all properties
>> dt(2)=datatip(hL,'DataIndex',6);

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