regionZoomInteraction only works the first time, bug?

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So I noticed this very weird thing which I think is a bug...
When the switch is on by default, the regionZoom works as intended. Then I turn it off, and rotate and zoom starts to work. And turn it on again, now the regionZoom cursor shows, you can select the area, but it doesn't actually zoom.
It looks like regionZoom only works in the first instance. Second time onwards it doesn't work. ZoomInteraction still works and this issue only applies to regionZoom.
Any thoughts? Can I add regionZoom as a standard option in the axes toolbar? That would do the job too.
function ButtonPushed(app, event)
if app.Switch.Value == "Off"
ax.Interactions = [rotateInteraction zoomInteraction];
ax.Interactions = [regionZoomInteraction zoomInteraction] ;

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