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How to apply font name and size to dlgbox boxes

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SRii on 24 May 2022
Answered: Nipun on 6 Jul 2022
Hi everyone.
I'm trying dlgbox and I'v changed font name and size of prompt before:
prompt = ["\fontname{Times} \fontsize{12} Name","\fontname{Times} \fontsize{12} Organizer","\fontname{Times} \fontsize{12} Controller"];
dlgtitle = "Information";
dims = [1 50];
definput = ["","",""];
opts.Resize = 'on';
opts.WindowStyle = 'modal';
opts.Interpreter = 'tex';
and this is the result:
so is it possible to apply fontsize and fontname to input boxes texts? ("Test 1,Test 2 and Test 3" for example)

Answers (3)

Abhishek Chakram
Abhishek Chakram on 27 Jun 2022
Hi SRii,
To my understanding, the inputdialog doesn't have any property that allows the formatting of editfield's text as of now. But It might be available in the future release.
You can also request the MathWorks support team for this enhancement.

Ayush Goyal
Ayush Goyal on 28 Jun 2022
Edited: Ayush Goyal on 28 Jun 2022
Hi SRii,
I understand that you have made a input dlgbox and you want to apply fontsize property and fontname(defaultName) to the input text boxes.
For setting the font size, you may please refer to the below documentation link:
Default text (Fontname) may be provided in the input text box as mentioned in the documentation link . Please refer to documentation for more info on same:

Nipun on 6 Jul 2022
Hi SRii,
Nipun Mahajan


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