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Kamil Sawicki
Kamil Sawicki on 18 May 2022
Hello, below I attached some matlab code and Iam wondering what exactly is deployed onto the board and which part of it.
Iam also wondering is Matlab necessary to run further commands after hw.deploy is done or could I use other Interface.
net = resnet18
hTarget = dlhdl.Target('Xilinx','Interface','Ethernet','IPAddress','');
hW = dlhdl.Workflow('Network', net, 'Bitstream', 'zcu102_single', 'Target', hTarget)
I = imread('peppers.png');
I = I(1:224,1:224,1:3);
[prediction, speed] = hW.predict(single(I),'Profile','on');
label = classify(net, I);

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