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Hi everyone,
I'm working on a MATLAB app which does some plotting, and to simplify the code, I was trrying to generalise my plotting function so that I can tell it whether to plot everything on axes A or on axes B.
Essentially I have a preview window where you can add options to the plot which is then shown in "app.smallpax", but then I switch to a saving window where I want the exact same plot, with all the options you selected in the preview, but just larger and with a save button.
Therefore, I want to plot the same thing in 2 different places, but maintain also options for grids, axes, colorbars etc which don't come packaged in the graphics object porperties. I have looked into copyobj but it does not transfer colorbars and grid settings, which leads to a lot of duplicate code and logic to reapply them there again, due to how the option buttons and tickboxes are coded.
This below is the function I'm trying to generalise. I added a "target" handle which would point to either a small polar axes "app.smallpax" (for the preview window) and a big one, "app.bigpax" (for the saving window).
function PlotPolarCoordinates(app, target)
delete(target) % remove any previous graph
if strcmp(target,'app.smallpax') ==1 % check what the target is and assign it to the corresponding UI panel
app.smallpax = polaraxes(app.SmallFingerprintPlotPanel);
elseif strcmp(target,'app.bigpax') ==1 % check what the target is and assign it to the corresponding UI panel
app.bigpax = polaraxes(app.BigFingerprintPlotPanel);
% plot the polar scatter graph on the target axes
app.fingerprint_plot = polarscatter(target,app.theta - app.angle*pi/180,app.rho,1,app.data_processed(:,app.AxisPlottingDropDown.Value),'.');
% set the target axes and any grid on top of the plot
set(target,'Layer','top','LineWidth',1,'FontWeight','bold','GridAlpha',1,'MinorGridAlpha',1,'RColor',[0.41176 0.41176 0.41176],'ThetaColor',[0.41176 0.41176 0.41176])
I assumed I could just place it within the set , clim or colomp commands just as a variable given that I am passing it as a string (i.e.
This is essentially a consequence of a lot of smaller issues and I have a feeling that I'm wrapping myself up in a spaghetti code.
Any help on the best way of doing this would be greatly welcome.
Dennis Premoli
Dennis Premoli on 16 May 2022
This is essentially the UI:
Preview/options window
Saving window
This whole debacle really is due to copyObj not doing some very useful things, although I am aware that working in a more modular fashion is always best.
That said, I think I realised my mistake, in that I forgot how my own code worked. I was running under the assumption that app.smallpax was somehow a MATLAB object/handle, while it is in fact a varaible I created (stupid me).
I also find myself constantly butting against the inability to add extra handles to callback functions ceated by MATLAB. So I can have a AxisCheckBoxValueChanged(app, event) but I cannot call it as AxisCheckBoxValueChanged(app, event, target), to use it as a helper function in itself.
Therefore, I find myself constantly creating helper functions that I then call in 1 line under each callback, as seen here below. I wish, for example, that I could call AngleEditFieldValueChanged and also pass it a target axes, but it appears I can only do that with a global varibale or hard coding it in.
% Callback function
function AngleEditFieldValueChanged(app, event)
app.angle = abs(app.AngleEditField.Value);
app.Knob.Value = app.angle;
% Value changed function: AngleSpinnerEditField
function AngleSpinnerEditFieldValueChanged(app, event)
app.angle = abs(app.AngleSpinnerEditField.Value);
app.Knob.Value = app.angle;
% Value changing function: Knob
function KnobValueChanging(app, event)
app.angle = event.Value;
app.AngleSpinnerEditField.Value = app.angle;
In my defense, this code has been written by me and another person so the whole pax debacle was not my creation ahah but I am trying to coincide my limited knowldge of MATLAB with what I know are generally good coding practices.

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