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How to filter the noise out from the ECG signal

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The original ECG signal looks like this, the sampling frequency is 360Hz.
I try to design a FIR filter to filter the noise out so that i can get a clear view of PQRST complex of the heart beat. I plot this signal in the frequency domain and it looks like this:
So, how should I fiind the frequency where the noise locates?
Jonas on 11 May 2022
i suggest you play around using the signal analyzer app.
tomorrow i will have a closer look!
Star Strider
Star Strider on 11 May 2022
There is obvious 60 Hz line noise. Use a bandstop filter with a very narrow stopband to eliminate it.
Beyond that, it appears to represent normal sinus rhythm with left ventricular hypertophy with non-specific ST-T changes and one notable PVC. If this is a Lead II EKG, the origin of the PVC appears to be near the apex. There are Q-waves, however without a specific voltage calibration, it is difficult to interpret their significance.

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Answers (3)

M.B on 12 May 2022
Edited: M.B on 12 May 2022
I would also recommend a zero-phase filter using filtfilt function to avoid the introduction of phase lag after filtering the signal.

Ganesh on 6 Jul 2023
mat lab code

Ganesh on 18 Jul 2023
Code for that

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