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How to concatenate array of signal values in a for loop block in simulink with himself Indefinite number of times

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trying to do the concatenation with for-loop block in simulink model using :
  • for loop ietrator block (iterates for N loops (N=16 but can variate depends on other outside calculations))
  • matrix concatenation block
  • delay block
Each iteration get 1x4 binairy values as an array, as output from tghe subsystem reference block (here for example [1 0 1 1] )
this is repeated N = 6 times, each iteration will get different [x1 x2 x3 x4] array binary values, to be concatenated to previous ones ( [1 0 1 1 x1 x2 x3 x4] etc )
and so on until iteration n = 16 : we will get [ 1 0 1 1 ..... 1 0 0 1] a 1x16 binary values array
i get the error :
Unable to determine signal dimensions. There is a loop consisting of 'Hex2Bin_2022_Lab2/For Iterator Subsystem/Delay1' that cannot be resolved because signal dimensions are defined by a cyclic relationship
here is the snapshot of the model :

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Answers (1)

Graham Cotgreave
Graham Cotgreave on 27 Sep 2022
Had the same issue, resorted to the following, which is not much use for a larger number of values, but it did mean I could add a subsystem into the loop and get a vector answer.
It appears that the single Z-1 and a concatenator has the problem that it wants to concatonate at time zero, and not act like an empty FIFO as hoped.




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