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Which function should I use to find summation of specific values in a column array? I checked already histcounts function but I could not handle it.

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I need to find summation of last 10 terms in a column and continue with this interval until all the intervals are summed values in that column but my another issue is let's say I have 16 rows so last 10 rows are ok but the sum of remained 6 values are also should be calculated and the only difference btw the summation of 10 terms is their range so which functions should I check? I can do it by formulating but I am looking for a shortcut.
Jan on 6 May 2022
Edited: Jan on 6 May 2022
What are your inputs? A vector, matrix multi-dimensional array, time series, table, ...
"I can do it by formulating but I am looking for a shortcut." - How would such a formulation look like for some small example data?
busra gogen
busra gogen on 6 May 2022
my inputs may change so this is why I am looking for a function. My input contains years and number of occurence regarding these years. For example, it may be like this:
years #ofevents
1900 5
1901 17
1902 8
1903 9
1939 10
This case looks normal because there are 4 intervals but if it ends with 1940, there will be extra one year apart from 10 years intervals.

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Accepted Answer

Matt J
Matt J on 6 May 2022
Edited: Matt J on 6 May 2022
Let's call your matrix, A. Then,
A=rand(16,2); %hypothetical input
result = 2×2
3.7391 5.6570 3.3933 2.2748
ans = 1×2
3.7391 5.6570
ans = 1×2
3.3933 2.2748

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