Plot values ​​for different time steps in table

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I have a table with dimensions for 1:1048576 and I want to plot columns 2 and 3 for different time steps. The values ​​in the table are sorted in such a way that the next time step comes after 10498 rows. Can someone help me and tell me how to use a loop to automatically plot the different time steps? Instead of plotting 1:10498, 10499:20998, .....
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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 4 May 2022
perstep = 10498;
col2 = YourTable{:,2};
col3 = YourTable{:,3};
L = numel(col2);
full_steps = floor(L / perstep);
left_over = L - full_steps * perstep;
if left_over ~= 0
padding_size = perstep - left_over;
padding = nan(padding_size, 1);
col2 = [col2; padding];
col3 = [col3; padding];
col2 = reshape(col2, perstep, []);
col3 = reshape(col3, perstep, []);
It is not clear what you want on your x axes or y axes.
At the end of the code posted above, col2 and col3 are each 2D arrays, with as many rows as perstep (10498), and as many columns as needed to complete the signal (in particular, 100 columns). The final column in each of the two is padded with nan to complete the 10498 samples.
What to do next depends on what you want plotted. You could now, for example,
and the result would be a plot with 100 lines, one per timestep.

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