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How can I plot these two variable in bars?

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I have these two variables one of values of each month(C) and the other with the names of the corresponding values(T) I mean the names under the bars of each value of VARIABLE C. How can I plot them where we could see each other well? I attached the file with the variables. Than you in advance

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dpb on 2 May 2022
Edited: dpb on 2 May 2022
load sl % get variable titles
T=categorical(T); % turn into categorical variable
C=randi(200,1,numel(T)); % make up some data to got with...
flashpode on 2 May 2022
yeah but its no so much data just 6 numbers
dpb on 2 May 2022
For MATLAB, investigate colormap to learn about more and different choices and how to set/change them.
While inherently utterly flexible, the UI is, unfortunately, still based on 60s-70s era engineer-like syntax of writing code and delving into the internals of "how things work" in order to make changes. "User-friendly" and "rapid development" haven't much evolved into this arena yet if one isn't satisfied with the default colormaps supplied.
You can fiddle with Excel and see how like the color choices, then move those over to MATLAB -- what's newish and different in Excel is all the addtional visual enhancements of how can display that MATLAB just doesn't have equivalents for. Most, if not all, of these probably have more use in business graphics than scientific, but they do tend to have a more modern look and feel about them.

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