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Count objects labeled in image

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Tu Nguyen
Tu Nguyen on 14 Apr 2022
Edited: Image Analyst on 16 Apr 2022
Hi all,
I identified circles and rectangular by a mark circle at centroid. Now I want to count how many object have labeled and how many object not labeled?
The result is in the attached image
Really appreciate for your help
if metric < threshold
centroid = stats(k).Centroid;
count =

Accepted Answer

Image Analyst
Image Analyst on 16 Apr 2022
stats = regionprops(L,'Area','Centroid','Perimeter');
allAreas = [stats.Area]
allPerims = [stats.Perimeter];
allCircularities = allPerims .^2 ./ (4 * pi * allAreas)
% Find number with circularity more than 1.5
count = allCircularities > 1.5
Tu Nguyen
Tu Nguyen on 16 Apr 2022
I tried your way but all value less than 1.5. Now I am trying both ways to figure out. The method of @Faraz Hedayati I am struggling how to convert the out last output image to an actual image because the spot on the image just a plot.

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Tala on 15 Apr 2022
I would plot the centroids as filled black circles and threshold colors smaller than 10! then you only have the centorids and length(regionprops( YourImage,'centroid')) would give you the number of rectangulars.
Tu Nguyen
Tu Nguyen on 16 Apr 2022
Hi @Faraz Hedayati, how can I process the image with the plot on it? I make the image gray but it backs to initial image without the marked circle
Tala on 16 Apr 2022
Edited: Image Analyst on 16 Apr 2022
I am getting confused about you wanna do after all :).
Did you see Image Analyst's response?
If you want to save your figure as an image you can do:
% or
exportgraphics(gcf, 'YourImage.png');
You can then import that as well using
theImage = imread('YourImage.png')

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