How to change Legend Bar Color's Object?

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Dear Community,
i wanna ask something that could be simple to answer... I just curious about how to change Object's Color in Legend like this :
Iam using bar function with "flat" facecolor and then i can manage the color of bar in every data, but i still cannot change the color of that rectangle object (which re still depend on the very first data bar color) to become other color. Would everyone lend me a hand to give some clues about how to manage it with some codes maybe? Thank you so much everyone....

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Frantisek Gaspar
Frantisek Gaspar on 13 Apr 2022
The color depends on the object the legend entry belongs to. The simplest way to change it is to create invisible graphical object with desired color and create new legend. To change the color manualy in existing legend you have to use undocumented legend properties:
Frantisek Gaspar
Frantisek Gaspar on 15 Apr 2022
Invisible grafical objects can be usualy created with nan as input:
hold on
h1 = bar(5);
h1.FaceColor = "red";
h2 = bar(nan);
h2.FaceColor = "blue";
h2.DisplayName = "Fake Legend";

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